DVDSmith Movie Backup

DVDSmith Movie Backup 1.05

Clone your favorite DVDs in a few clicks


  • Easy to use
  • Removes copy protection
  • Easily select just the main movie


  • No compression or easy playback functions

If you travel with your Netbook or Laptop, it's nice to have a few films stuck on it to keep you entertained. DVDSmith Movie Backup is a very basic program that rips your DVDs - either the entire DVD or just the largest file (i.e.: the movie itself).

This app is ideal for people who want an easy, no frills approach to sticking DVDs on their hard drive. The disks are copied exactly, so there's no loss of quality, but of course this means the files are quite large too. They are saved as .VOB files, which can be played on the better media players like VLC. Another useful application for DVDSmith Movie Backup is keeping your disks in good condition - back up your disks and watch them from your hard drive and they won't suffer from everyday wear and tear.

Using DVDSmith Movie Backup is incredibly easy; just choose a destination folder and click backup. The backup process can be lengthy, but works perfectly. It also removes copy protection, freeing you to use the files as you wish. Of course, if you have limited space on your hard drive you'll prefer a program that rips and compresses DVD images, and in that sense DVDSmith is very limited.

While it lacks any advanced features, a child could create a DVD backup with DVDSmith Movie Backup as it is fantastically easy to use.

A DVD decrypter&cloner freeware to backup DVD movie to computer as DVD folder and removes all the protections clearly!

With DVDSmith Movie Backup, you can make clones of your favorite DVD movies to hard drive with just a few clicks at 1:1 ratio. Combining powerful functionality with a straightforward interface, DVDSmith Movie Backup Freeware provides an easy way to transfer DVD information onto your hard drive. In Full Disk Mode, it can backup, clone or copy DVD movie to computer as DVD folder, ISO file. DVDSmith can copy and decrypt the whole movie DVD to a local hard drive with excellent reliability, speed, and ease of use. This backup solution avoids the inevitable risk of getting your originals of your DVD movie discs scratched or damaged. And the working copies allow you to play your DVDs on your computer hard disk without the need of any DVD player!

1. A totally free DVD cloner & decrypter;

2. Back up DVD to DVD folder/ISO with 100% original video and audio qualities preserved;

3. Provide Full Disc/ Main Movie clone modes;

4. Provide easy and simple-used interface.

DVDSmith Movie Backup


DVDSmith Movie Backup 1.05

User reviews about DVDSmith Movie Backup

  • by Anonymous

    Godsend for Movie Fans!.
    I tested 30 discs in the program and it can copy 29 of them. Pretty good for a freeware...   More